For a project to succeed, the whole project team needs to know exactly what’s expected of them, and the requirements they need to meet. IEC’s expertise in project management includes project reports, legislations and approval, conceptual design, detailed engineering as well as total project management.

Project reports play a crucial role in a successful project. Our reports are detailed and clear, setting out expectations, plans and progress:
  • Detailed project report
  • Feasibility study
  • Project estimate and plan
  • Project schedule
  • Cost analysis
  • Progress reports.
IEC helps teams to construct and complete projects in accordance with the rules and regulations stipulated by state and central governments. We generate supporting documents and applications for submitting the relevant documents to the government authorities.

Our service includes:
  • Supporting documents
  • Supporting drawings
  • Preparation of application forms
  • Submission of forms on behalf of the project team and following up those submissions.
Conceptual design is the early stage of a project where a broader outline of the project evolves. With many years of experience in project management, IEC helps clients to accomplish their projects on time, to a high quality and with optimum cost.

Our approach includes:
  • Meeting the clients to understand their requirements
  • Creating concept sketches and models
  • Designing strategies to meet the product specifications
  • Designing the aesthetics and functionality of the project
At IEC, we tie down every aspect of the project before starting work. After the conceptual design is approved, our engineers will work closely with clients and contractors to provide a professional single source engineering service.

The main elements of this stage include:
  • Detailed diagram and drawings of
    »Process flow diagram
    »Machinery layout and plot plan
    »Civil and structural work
    »Mechanical erection
    »Instrumentation and control system
  • Reports of
  • »Project schedule
    »Plan and estimate
    »Utility requirements
    »Project cost
    »Procurement plan
    »Economical evaluation
    »Environmental impact and control
IEC’s broad network of suppliers and in-depth experience of procurement for large projects means we are expertsin sourcing, evaluating and recommending equipment for your project.
This includes:
  • Identifying appropriate machines and equipment
  • Preparing tender documents
  • Preparing request for proposal (RFP)
  • Inviting tender submissions
  • Evaluating technical and financial feasibility
  • Awarding and making contracts
IEC’s domain knowledge experts use intelligent engineering practises, integrated engineering work flows and multiplatform engineering applications to ensure projects are properly planned and efficiently run. We offer turnkey EPC contracts and help with all project processes, including:

  • Initiating the project with dedicated engineers
  • Working according to the project schedule.
  • Helping the client to accomplish their scope of work
  • Coordinating all the parties to produce a successful outcome
  • Weekly and monthly reviews of work progress and cost
  • Total site supervision during the project
  • Closing of the final and completed project