At IEC we build ingenious, advanced, functional, sustainable and value-for-money homes for our customers,driven by skilled, experienced, qualified professionals. We make use of ultramodern methodologies and techniques in order to give our valuable clients invaluable assistance and services that let them design and build their dream homes.

Our services include:
Pre-construction services
Overall project evaluation:

  • Create project plan after determining your needs and expectations
  • Site analysis
  • Create conceptual floor plans
  • Finalise conceptual size, appearance and material quality
  • Finalise the designs and drawings
  • Procure approvals
Construction Management During the construction phase we continue to work closely with you and all contractors to ensure that the project stays on schedule, under budget and meets your expectations
  • Identify needs and expectations
  • Identify project components
  • Cost control and scheduling
  • Provide monthly progress reports
  • Evaluate materials and delivery
  • Identify areas of concern
  • Provide cash flow management
  • Identify any long lead items
  • Verify and expedite fabrication and delivery
  • Provide cash flow management
  • Implement safety program
  • Hold weekly progress meetings
  • Provide monthly progress reports
Exterior designs
Interior designs