Environment and Renewable Energy

  • Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
  • Air pollution control equipment
  • Noise pollution
  • Renewable energy
Businesses are becoming more and more aware of their responsibilities to the local and wider environment. IEC’s creative and innovative technologies enable our clients to achieve a sustainable business. We help to ensure that our clients maintain compliance with all relevant environmental regulations by implementing systems in accordance with current legislation. We assess the existing environmental impact and suggest suitable solutions and systems where improvement is needed. IEC is experienced in the installation of effluent treatment plants including trade and domestic effluents, air pollution control equipment, and sound and noise pollution control equipment.

Effluent treatment plant

IEC is experienced in building modern plants for the treatment of domestic sewage and industrial effluent. We analyse the influent characteristics and design the plant according to specific customer requirements. Our area of expertise is in zero discharge plants where no water is let out to the wider environment, using modern techniques for plant installation, including aerobic systems, anaerobic systems and RO plants. We have a specialist team for the construction and maintenance of ETP and STP.

Air pollution control equipment

IEC provides total solutions for mitigating air pollution generated by a range of industries. We measure the exhaust from boilers, generators and other sources to establish pollution parameters and deliver workable solutions to our customers. We are associated with major manufactures of pollution control including electrostatic precipitators.

Noise pollution

IEC is able to advise on and implement industrial acoustics for the prevention of noise pollution. Our designs are focused on regulating the noise pollution to within the stipulated parameters set by state and central governments.

Renewable energy

IEC promotes the benefits of solar energy to businesses, individuals and the environment. We are associated with major solar panel companies in India and overseas and we can provide complete solutions for the conversion of solar energy into electricity.